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Practising the art of being is simple in theory.

Unfortunately our brains make it very difficult for us by constantly generating thoughts and ideas to distract us from what we are trying to keep in our awareness.

Don’t be frustrated or angry by this, it’s just what brains do, bless them, they can’t help it.

What you can do is treat these thoughts and ideas like bubbles.

Just by acknowledging them we can let them pop and then return our attention to whatever sense we are tuning in to at that time, or the focus on the breath.

The same technique can be applied to unwanted negative thoughts. The ones that appear at other times to make a nuisance of them selves. Just acknowledge they appeared and then let them pop like a soap bubble poked by a finger.

Given time, and with practice you may become a master of awareness. And you can actually start being aware of the thoughts and ideas as they happen, observing how you brain works. I don’t mean just letting your mind wander, but observing thoughts. Not analysing, just observing, and in so doing learning a lot about yourself. But first, learn to listen!

Finding Happiness

Are you trying to find happiness?

Searching for a reserve of happiness that you can tap into and extract from.

A happiness explorer boldly searching unchartered territory on the hunt for lost treasures of happiness?

Let me tell you that you’re wasting your time. Happiness is not a treasure or a fossil fuel. There is not a finite quantity and once it’s gone it’s gone so you need to get your quota now. There are no secret stashes from long lost tribes.

You can’t bottle it, or package it up and sell it on the internet.

Happiness is a state, you create your own means of entering or being in that state. Sometimes other people provide you with a vehicle for getting there. But mostly you have to find your own way. The secret is finding a way past or over the obstacles, or a way to remove the obstacles entirely so that the path to happy is easy to negotiate.