Monthly Archives: March 2016

Momentism, a fresh, practical approach to being in the present moment

For many years I have practiced and taught an approach to being based on mindfulness.

In that time I have managed to incorporate it into my therapeutic model to develop a very effective approach.

What I have discovered is that a “classic” approach to being mindful is difficult for many people to embed and maintain. It seems that people turn to mindfulness as a way of discovering enlightenment. The truth is we are all already enlightened. We were born enlightened. As babies and young children every moment was new and we embraced being alive. That enlightenment becomes hidden as we grow and we stop experiencing every moment as being new.

Momentism is a way of being that focusses on short but frequent awareness of the present. No searching for the profound or lengthy sitting, just embracing being alive in this moment and accepting whatever this moment presents to us.