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A few changes to my hypnotherapy offerings

First of all I am please to announce that I can now offer the Hypno Stress Buster (yes I know it’s a bit of a rubbish name) but it’s a 30 minute, rapid hypnotherapy, stress tackling session and for the fantastic price of just £24.99.

I have also adjusted the price of my full 1 hour hypnotherapy and mindfulness sessions, each now costs just £39.99.

Contact me today to get booked in.

Learning by what exactly?

Apparently we learn by doing, in fact I said that very thing myself today. Then I stopped, after all one of my mantras is that we are human beings not human doings. So should I really have said “we learn by being”?

When I uttered the words I was talking about the process of learning hypnotherapy, so in reality I guess the question there was do you learn the most by “doing” hypnotherapy or by “being” a hypnotherapist.

As I think about it and write this I’m beginning to realise that both positions are true, it just depends what it is we want to learn and how far we want to take it. If it’s a particular skill that requires agility, hand eye coordination or a particular technique then repetition and “doing” over and over will be the key. But this can only take you so far. If you wish to really master a skill you must “be” it.

You can learn the technique of playing a musical instrument, you can read and learn all the theory, you can practise and practise, but until you commit to “being” a musician you will not master it.

And so this leads me to happiness. To learn and master the art of happiness must you “do” happy or “be” happy?

What does hypnosis feel like?

Many people ask me what it will feel like to be hypnotised when they come for an appointment. There’s no simple answer and I’m pretty sure it’s a different experience for different people.

The most common thing that people say at the end of a session is “that was weird”. I never probe this too much except to ask if they mean “weird” in a good way, and they do.

It feels weird because it’s different, people are used to the feeling of falling asleep or being relaxed, but very rarely do people have the experience of having their conscious thought guided by somebody else. Of course we have all watched a film or read a book and felt our thoughts and emotions respond to the story, sometimes we might read or watch something that affects us in a profound way and makes us feel different, and I suppose on that level there are some similarities.

Hypnosis and in particular hypnotherapy is different because it happens at such a personal level.

As for the question of what it would feel like for you, there’s only one way to find out!